What is Underwriting?

While we don’t raise funds through advertising, we do acknowledge contributions made by businesses with Underwriter Announcements. These announcements have a different “feel” and “appeal” to our listeners who value the fact that they do not sound like commercials heard on some other stations.

We don’t use gimmicks or hype in producing our announcements. Instead, they are intended to thank and acknowledge important ministry partners for helping Victory 91.5 fulfill our vision.

Our listeners value our Christ-centered music and teaching and therefore are grateful to know which area businesses are helping to make it possible.

Victory 91.5 Underwriting is built for both small and large businesses, so you can give as little or as much as you can afford. Our rates are low because our focus is in partnering with you to profit the Kingdom of God. Because it is so affordable, together we are able to share the joy of making a difference in the kingdom of God in this region.

Why Become an Underwriter?

Listener Loyalty: 74% of Christian radio listeners listen faithfully to Christian radio so they won’t hear advertising on other radio stations. Radio is a great place for people to hear about you.
Listener Focus: 56% of Christian radio listeners tune in to listen to Music, 40% tune in to listen to Sermons and Teaching. Our listeners stay tuned much longer per day because they love our mix of anointed music and teaching. Allegiance: 72% of Christian radio listeners prefer to buy from a business that advertises on their radio station. 62% say that they would “shop more at a known business if it advertised on Christian radio.” Listener Ideals: People tune to Christian radio for the message it conveys. Your business name will become linked to the values and messages that we promote. Our listeners want to support businesses that share their strongly held values and beliefs. It’s Mobile: We reach people over the air waves and online in their homes, vehicles and businesses, and even their phones. No matter where you travel throughout North Georgia, our programming and your name can be heard over the airwaves, and no matter where you travel throughout the world we can be heard on the internet. Changed Lives: As an underwriter of Victory 91.5, you share in sowing God’s Word into literally tens of thousands of lives every single day, making an eternal, life-changing impact. All gifts are tax deductible.

What Can Be Included In A Business Announcement

  • Name of your Business
  • Address, Phone Number and Website
  • Years in Business and Hours of Operation
  • The Names of Products Sold (Including Brand Names)
  • Services Provided

What Can Not Be Included In A Business Announcement?

  • Statements encouraging listeners to Stop by, Call now, or Visit.
  • Statements about Quality: (largest selection, newest, finest, state of the art, prices reduced, award winning, board certified, etc.) or state facts that cannot be proved.
  • Statements that Compare: (Better, best, oldest, etc.)
  • References to Price or Value.
  • Inducements to Buy, Sell, Rent or Lease.
  • Personal Pronouns (you, yours, we, ours)
  • Repetitive Statements.

What Can Be Included In A Non-profit Church or Ministry Announcement?

  • Name of your Ministry
  • Address, Phone number and Website
  • Hours of operation
  • The Names of products sold and services provided (including Brand Names)
  • Statements that Compare and statements about quality are OK
  • Statements encouraging listeners to Call or Visit are OK
  • Price information ("suggested donation") OK

Underwriting is Completely Tax Deductible

Since Victory 91.5 is a non-profit organization, we do not 'sell' airtime. Any airtime given to businesses is contracted by grant, a tax-deductible donation (underwriting). A grant is an acknowledgement of a monetary donation or donation in kind. The intent of these Underwriting messages is to identify, not promote, the donor. Victory 91.5 will send Underwriters a Year End Statement as a receipt of their giving for those who desire to deduct their Underwriting donation from their taxes.

Right of Refusal or Cancellation

Victory 91.5 reserves the right to not accept or to discontinue any Underwriting announcements from organizations whose reputation has come under public scrutiny or received negative press that could harm the credibility or reputation of Victory 91.5 by association.